Oil Cable Leak Detection (PFT)

Cable Fault Location in Oil Filled Cables

Traditionally the Cable freezing method for the Location of Oil Leaks in Oil Filled Cables has been expensive, time consuming and damaging to the Cable itself and adjacent cables. This is mainly due to the fact that numerous excavations is required.

HVDSA have developed an innovative method of finding these leaks using a Tracer. This Tracer is injected in small quantities (40ppm) into the Cable Oil and where the Oil (and Tracer) leak out, this Tracer is detected using a Specially Equipped Test Van

The major advantages of this method is that Tracer Injection and Leak Location can be done without taking the Cable out of Operation. Only one excavation is required and that is where the cable is leaking. HVDSA are capable of providing the complete system as a Turnkey Project.



  • Cable does not have to be taken out of operation
  • No "Downtime"
  • No Damage to Cables due to multiple excavations
  • HVDSA offers the Complete Turnkey System
  • HVDSA can offer the Service of Injection and Leak Location

    Please Read our Datasheet for More Information !!!


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