NL CAMERA - Partial Discharge Locator

The NL CAMERA is a Superior new way to find and analyze problems in Power Grids.

When electrical faults start to happen, partial discharges are often the first indication. Partial discharges emit ultrasonic sound, which the NL Camera automatically locates.

Bad connection? Perhaps a faulty insulator? The NL Camera provides instant partial discharge analysis based on our sophisticated algorithms.

The NL Camera enables you to locate potential issues quickly from the ground during routine inspections. It can locate problems in power grids up to 100 meters away.


  • Lightweight and Portable (980g). Can be operated with one hand.
  • Operating Range from Close to Mid distance (0,5 - 15 meters), max up to 100 meters.
  • External replaceable Battery, up to 8h operating time.
  • Built in Wi-Fi for connecting to the NL Cloud for advanced PD analysis.
  • Offline analysis software also available.
  • Built in processing power for instant PD analysis.
  • Internal 32GB Memory.
  • Bright 5-Inch Color Display.
  • Operation Temperature from -10 to +50°C

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