Mobile Transformer Oil Purification System

Oil Filled Transformers over time absorb moisture from the Atmosphere, as well as desolved gases and particals. It is important to include in the Maintenance Planning for the Oil in Transformer to be Purified. Purification will remove moisture, gases and particles. HVDSA supply a Mobile Purification plant that:

1. Reduces the moisture (both desolove and free water) down to 5ppm

2. Removes desolved gases down to 0.1% by volume (in accordance with ASTM method D.2945)

3. 98% Particulate matter is removed. This process uses the latest Technology of filtering, high temperature dual Vacuum degassing with a unique method of "shearing" the oil while degassing.

The Mobile (or optional skid mounted) equipment is mounted in a road worthy single or double axel trailer with circulation capacities from 600L/hour up to 16 000L/hour.


The Trailer is weather proof enclosed with Double Doors for easy access providing quick connection and operation. The PLC controlled unit is supplied with the necessary inlet and outlet hoses as well as the 3Phase, 400V, 50Hz Cable.



  • PLC Controlled - Fully Automatic.
  • Fully Operational upon Delivery"
  • Training Provided.
  • Off Load or On-load Purification

    Please Read our Datasheet for More Information !!!


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