HVA 68-2

VLF Test Set (Unmatched Output Power to Weight Ratio)

The new VLF Test Set HVA68-2 has double the output power of similar products on the market, with pure sinusoidal VLF output voltage makes this instrument the most advanced and powerful high-voltage device for cable testing.


  • Performance - 2 µF @ 0,1 Hz @ 44 kVrms
  • VLF & DC - Sinusoidal VLF output voltage up to 68 kV (44 kV rms)
  • Smallest & lightest test set available
  • No limited operating time - Run the system for many hours.
  • No oil inside, less maintenance and temperature hassle.
  • Safety first - 12kV feedback protection and 2 integrated discharge units.

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