HVA 120

VLF High Voltage Insulation Test Set

The HVA120 insulation tester is a powerfull 0.1 Hz VLF cable test system for testing of medium voltage cables, 0 – 120 kV peak, 0 – 85 kV rms. The HVA120 offers various operating modes, Cable testing, cable sheath / jacket testing, sheath fault location, cable fault conditioning (burning), vacuum bottle test.


  • Predefined standard-compliant cable test sequences
  • Symmetrical sine wave at high voltage
  • RMS measurement of output voltage and current
  • Measurement of capacitive and resistive load
  • Automatic load dependent frequency selection (0.01 Hz – 0.1 Hz)
  • Display of current test time
  • Integrated real-time scope function
  • Self-explanatory, multilingual software
  • Automatic measurement reporting
  • Report storage via USB or RS232
  • PC software (b2 ControlCenter) for data analysis and storage
  • Flashover detection and ultra fast switch off
  • Flashover voltage measurement
  • Time optimized burning mode

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