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HV Diagnostics specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of products to the high voltage and electrical engineering industries. Our principal market is that of utility companies in the generation, transmission and distribution sectors.

New BA100 - 100kV Breakdown Analyzer for High Voltage Oil Testing New HVA90 - 4 in 1 Universal High Voltage Test System

Oil Dielectric Testers | Automatic Oil Tester | 75kV Oil Tester | 100kV Oil Tester | BA60 60kV insulating oil tester | BA75 Portable 75kV Breakdown Analyzer for Oil Testing | BA100 Transformer Oil Tester | HVA30 VLF and DC Hipot | TD60 Tan Delta Test System | PD90 Partial Discharge | Oil Cable Leak Location System | High Voltage | Smart VLF | HVA120 7in1 Test System | HVA200 Test Set | TD90 Tan Delta | HVATDPD Cable Diagnostic System

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